Lemon Demon is the pseudonym of Neil Cicierega that he releases music under. It's some pretty great music.


Clown Circus


Clown Circus was the first release under Lemon Demon and it's pretty good. It has a sort of disconnected, internet-ey sound to it that you can't really find elsewhere. Definitely shows that it's a first effort, but it's pretty good anyway. Notable tracks include Lemon Demon, Ten Thousand Light Years Away, Don't Be Like The Sun, and Hyakugojyuuichi 2003.

Live from the Haunted Candleshop


Not actually a live album, Live from the Haunted Candleshop was released only a few months after Clown Circus, and it has the same sort of disconnected feeling, however it is more amplified in this album. Live From The Haunted Candleshop is bloated, but it's still very good. Notable tracks include Destructo!, Dance Like An Idiot, Switzerland, Birdhouse In Your Soul (yes, as in the TMBG song), and Mold En Mono.

Hip To The Javabean


Hip To The Javabean is the first really really good Lemon Demon CD. It feels connected in it's whole and has more consistent songs, without sacrificing originality. Hip to the Javabean is probably my favorite Lemon Demon CD. Notable tracks include Sunbeam Light Show Flower Seed, Musical Chairs, Telekinesis, Relativity, Go To Hollywood, Between You And Me, and the bonus track Almond.

Damn Skippy


Damn Skippy feels like a new beginning for Lemon Demon, it feels more cheerful and silly than the previous albums. The songs on this really feel like what we'd come to hear from Lemon Demon while still sounding unique to the album. Notable tracks include Sky Is Not Blue, Geeks In Love, New Way Out (of Eddsworld fame), Kitten Is Angry, Flamingo Legs, Ode to Crayola, and Word Disassociation. This was the first Lemon Demon album to feature commentary by Neil Cicierega, a now semi-expected thing.



Dinosaurchestra is probably the best Lemon Demon album. It's a concept album about a young Neil dreaming up a whole orchestra of dinosaurs, a Dinosaurchestra, if you will. The whole album is caked in nostalgia amd warm feelings. Dinosaurchestra is the longest Lemon Demon album so far, with a bit over two hours of music counting bonus tracks. Notable tracks include Fine, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Vow Of Silence, Your Imaginary Friend, Eyewishes, Bystanding, Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew, This Hyper World, and The Too Much Song. Instead of a proper commentary track, this album instead features text commentary.



View-Monster is a change of pace for Lemon Demon, going from the cheerful and bright sounds of the last two CDs to an almost creepy one. View-Monster is an amazing album with unique and varied sounds, a lot of which are unique to the album. Stand out tracks include Amnesia Was Her Name, Marketland, Knife Fight, The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet), The Afternoon, Ask For Nothing, and The Machine. This album does not include a commentary track, though an unfinished one can be found on youtube.

Spirit Phone


Spirit Phone is probably the most comprehensive Lemon Demon album (and the most popular). Spirit Phone is a fully blown concept album about various horror things, with it delving more towards conspiracy at the end. Spirit Phone was a huge release, with a few songs getting silly popular. Cool thing is, the ambience at the end of the last track, Spiral of Ants, leads right into the ambience at the beginning of the first, Lifetime Achievement Award, making the album a time loop! Notable tracks include Touch-Tone Telephone, Cabinet Man, When He Died, Ancient Aliens, Soft Fuzzy Man, and Reaganomics.




Before there was Lemon Demon there was Deporitaz, and before there was Deporitaz there was Trapezoid. They are all the same guy. Trapezoid / Deporitaz was an old psuedonym of Neil Cicierega during the era. He released mostly MIDI music under Trapezoid, later changing the name to Deporitaz at the request of another band. 4 albums were made under Trapezoid/Deporitaz, "Outsmart" (2000), "Microwave This CD" (2001), "Dimes" (2002), and a collection of previously unreleased Deporitaz songs called "Circa 2000" (2007).

Almanac 2009

ALMANAC 2009 (2009)

Almanac 2009 is a collection of songs from various other releases, some demos, and a unique song called This Is Youmacon. It contains the versions of Fine, The Ultimate Showdown, and I've Got Some Falling To Do that appear on Live (Only Not), as well as an early demo of Spirit Phone's Eighth Wonder. It's alright.

LIVE (ONLY NOT) (2009)

Live (Only Not) is an EP of previously released songs rerecorded with the Lemon Demon touring band Lemonic Demonade. It features the best version of Fine, and a pretty sweet version of Spring Heeled Jack.

I Am Become Christmas


A suprise release only 4 days before Christmas 2012, I Am Become Christmas is an awesome 5 track EP that perfectly encompasses the Christmas feeling in a way only Lemon Demon could. From Prelude to Presents to Christmas Will Be Soon to Aurora Borealis to SAD to Cryptosanta, this EP is probably one of Lemon Demon's strongest work, and really shows the heights it can get to.

Nature Tapes


Okay, let's do a silly one. Nature Tapes is the most vulgar Lemon Demon EP, featuring such classic songs as the one about two trucks having sex. It's awesome. Notable tracks include Two Trucks, Goosebumps, Everybody Loves Raymond, Jaws, and the ever popular Brodyquest.

One Weird Tip / Funkytown


Released to celebrate 20 years of Lemon Demon, One Weird Tip / Funkytown is a single released under Needlejuice Records. It is the most recent full Lemon Demon release. It's alright.


LP8 (20??)

LP8 is the prospective 8th Lemon Demon album. We know very little about a potentional LP8 but we know one is being worked on. Neil released some snippets of potential LP8 songs for free on Patreon recently. That is all we know.